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Most-popular SUVs, other car stories to help you shop in ’20

Year-end lists usually tell you the most-important or most-popular things that happened during the year. We won’t totally break with that tradition, but the most-popular SUVs and other car stories of 2019 also should help you shop for a new…

New car with Christmas ribbon

Do people really get cars for Christmas? Yes, no, maybe

Maybe it’s coincidence. But the last four years December has been the No. 1 sales month for cars, trucks and SUVs. So, then, do people really get cars for Christmas or Hanukkah – or is that just a myth created…

Honda Passport on rocky terrain

Vehicles that hold their value best receive 2020 awards

TrueCar doesn’t have a crystal ball. But the online automotive marketplace still can offer valuable insight for car shoppers. Based on research by TrueCar’s ALG analytics division, 27 vehicles, many of them SUVs or crossovers, received Residual Value Awards for…

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How to buy a car now … you can get there if you start here

Shopping for a vehicle can be exciting, especially during the holiday season. But it’s almost never easy. There are a lot of things to consider before your purchase to ensure the vehicle – new or used – meets your day-to-day…

Ways to avoid holiday stress

7 ways to avoid holiday shopping stress and still buy a car

Each holiday season seems to get longer and more stressful. Shoppers strategize about visits to their favorite retail stores, which generally are crowded already with everyone else who strategized about visiting favorite stores. And all gets more frenzied by advertising…