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Santander Consumer USA is committed to providing your dealership with consistent, fast funding of vehicle purchases across the credit spectrum.

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Santander Consumer USA (SC) represents financial strength and stability, having provided sound programs and unsurpassed support to our dealer partners nationwide for more than a decade. That means you can count on SC to be working hard for your success wherever the economy takes us.

Some numbers you can expect from us:

  • $48 billion managed portfolio
  • 15,000 active franchise dealer relationships
  • 80%+ approval rates nationwide
  • 65% lower fees on average than in 2013
  • 1 dedicated Dealer Relationship Manager for you

Power Tool

The Dealer Extranet

  • Real-time deal status and verifications
  • Quick decisioning on applications
  • Robust search capability
  • Useful dealer resources


  • Manage your applications in a single location
  • View your decisions and call details
  • Search for and filter through documents
  • Communicate directly with a dedicated buyer

Rehash Tool

  • Rehash your applications to improve the structure and terms for your dealership and customers
  • Available 24/7 to work deals on your timetable
  • Fast, user-friendly experience
  • Higher (and faster) closure rates


  • Upload stips directly to funder’s queue
  • View the status of your contracts in real time
  • Access and print funding notices and other documents
  • Print purchase letter with total funded and applicable fees

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    What to expect from your Dealer Relationship Manager

  • More Incremental Business

    Learn how SC can help you put more deals together, while staying up to date on our credit policies.

  • Marketing Opportunities

    Get help generating new traffic to your dealership via our direct mail program.

  • Dealer Extranet Training

    Learn how to maximize profit on every deal with our rehash tool and to use other powerful features.

  • Faster Deal Processing

    Get help creating clean packages while staying current on SC’s funding policy and requirements.

  • Dedicated Point of Contact

    A dedicated resource for important industry news and updates, policy and program changes, regulatory requirement reminders, product launches, etc.

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Santander Consumer USA

Owned by Banco Santander, a global bank with a presence in 52 countries, Santander Consumer USA has incomparable financial backing and a track record of consistent profitable growth across varying economic cycles in a highly competitive industry.