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What you will need to know about financing a vehicle purchase

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7 ways to keep your vehicle financing on the right track

It’s not always easy. As you work to make your monthly car payments, usually thousands of dollars over several years, our series, Discover Santander, offers seven ways to keep your vehicle financing on the right track. The series, published earlier…

Upside down car financing graphic

How to avoid upside down car financing and stay above water

Upside down. It’s a position you usually want to avoid. Especially if we’re talking about upside down car financing for a vehicle on which you’ll be making monthly payments for some time to come. Upside down car financing means you…

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How to use an auto finance calculator: A step-by-step guide

It’s useful to know how to use an auto finance calculator when you plan to buy a car. Fortunately auto finance calculators are not that difficult to figure out. For example, the Affordability Calculator at Santander Consumer USA (SC) requires…

Auto Finance and Car Shopping

Smart Auto Finance and Car Shopping starts with these 4 things

Smart auto finance and car shopping usually starts with information. So it should come as no surprise that visitors to an auto lender’s blog are interested in topics such as Used Vehicles, Auto Finance, Car Shopping, and New Vehicles. Among…