Getting past bad credit on your auto loan application

couple-car-shoppingYour auto loan application often determines whether you drive home with a new car. The ideal auto loan candidate frequently has a large down payment and good credit score, and can anticipate approval for a favorable, low-interest auto loan.

However, not everyone’s loan application is that impressive.

What if you have bad credit and need an auto loan? What if you have worked hard, but still have bad credit preventing you from getting a low-interest auto loan? What if that one rough year during college is damaging your credit score? What if you have bad credit because someone stole your identity? Bad credit can result from any or all of these reasons.

If you have bad credit, chances are that you are frustrated from being rejected by lenders that solely judge you by your bad credit score. After filling out one loan application after another, you may realize that one mistake you made years ago is still standing between you and the auto loan. You even may have been working to raise your bad credit score so you can get a low-interest auto loan, or saved money for a down payment in hopes of lowering your monthly auto loan payments.

The cycle of going dealership to dealership and one auto lender to another for approval needs to stop, you think. You deserve better, and is here to help.

RoadLoans will help you get the auto loan that you need.

The online lender understands that everyone likes to drive a nice car, and that having reliable transportation is essential for people to carry on with their daily lives. We don’t want you to be disappointed after you finally pick the car you like. After all, settling on a car is a lot of work!

RoadLoans pre-approves you for a loan before you even go to a dealership. We will tell you – within a few minutes – whether you are pre-approved and for how much.

To apply, go to and fill out the auto loan application.

By Cheran Ratnam

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