‘The Rock,’ Driver’s Choice Awards, Riding in a self-driving car – and more

Plumbing the depths of Internet yielded a treasure trove for this edition of Santander Consumer USA’s bi-weekly compilation of interesting articles and blog posts you might have missed otherwise. Here is just enough information to decide whether you want to follow the link to the full article (some with video), so, get your engine revving, it’s time to go:

091815 SC Here are some car stories you just dont want to missWhat it will be like owning a Volvo autonomous car (video) – Motor Authority

Volvo says it is committed to developing autonomous, or self-driving, cars that are crash-proof by 2020, with a goal of saving lives. It will be years before we know whether the Swedish automaker succeeds, of course, but it is preparing to loan out 100 vehicles to the public in 2017 to prove its self-driving concept.

Cramming a $4.5M Lamborghini Veneno into a transport truck (video) – Motor Authority

Ever wonder what it would be like to drive a multi-million-dollar sports car? How about parking it in a tight space? Lamborghini Dusseldorf recently found out how tight a fit it could be when it packed up one of the limited-edition roadsters in a truck for transport. This is how they did it.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to star in new Ford service spotsMotor Authority

The former World Wrestling Federation champion and star of the “Fast and Furious” movie franchise might not be the first person you think of when your car needs servicing, but that may change soon. There’s not a lot of detail to the story, yet, but stay tuned for more.

2016 Driver’s Choice Awards: Our users choose their favoritesThe Car Connection

We’re not sure what it will prove, but here’s your chance to vote for your favorite car(s) in six categories – performance, green, luxury, best-looking, budget, family. If you need some help, The Car Connection provides expert ratings on each vehicle, which you can see here. Voting runs through Oct. 31.

2016 Chevy Corvette #001 sells for $500,000 at charity auctionMotor Authority

One of just 650 being built – and just 500 sold in the U.S. – the special edition inspired by an endurance racer from Corvette Racing was donated by General Motors to raise funds for a college in Detroit. Although it’s recognizable by a flashy graphics package, this may be the only place you get to see one.

Lucky 12-year-old races McLaren 650S (video) – Motor Authority

Even if you’re jealous of a tween who trained on video games and go-carts driving an exotic $265,000 car at more than 162 miles per hour, this 2.5-minute video is worth watching.

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