The many ways we talk to our customers – and they can talk to us


We walk the talk.

If the talk is about Santander Consumer USA communicating with customers.

We have more channels than cable TV – well, not really, but you get the idea – from our website to social media to email newsletters, blog and customer service. You’re never far away from Santander or from reaching us if you need to communicate about your account.

Santander knows that’s important because a vehicle is the second-largest purchase most people make, and financing that purchase creates a relationship most people would rather not have.

Blog_DiscoverSantander-2But that doesn’t mean that relationship should be an unpleasant experience.

Start with our website, which attracted nearly five million people last year for a variety of reasons, including paying their bills. Much of what customers need to manage the relationship with Santander is available there, such as Make a Payment, MyAccount and Contact Customer Service.

Customer Service is a good example, since we provide both phone number and email options for customer communication right from the website, and, of course, there’s always snail mail.

And then we provide a form for our valued customers to share their car-purchase experiences with us.

We also reach out to our customers via other channels – including the blog, emails, email newsletter, social media and The Press Room (Investor News). In all cases, our teams are dedicated to communicating with customers about their loans, Santander Consumer USA or useful (and entertaining) auto- or shopping-related news and information in timely and convenient ways.

Our Facebook page, for example, highlights (and links to) content available on the blog, as well as other items of interest, such as Santander’s “Embrace the Madness” NCAA tournament contest and upcoming “Fast & Furriest” pet photo contest. It includes “Message Now” and “Call Now” options with a typical reply within a few hours – but, no, you can’t make payments via FB as some customers have wondered.

The monthly email newsletter is a customer premium – no strings attached – that highlights some of the best content on the blog from the previous month or connects to an interesting theme.

And then there are the emails – every one with information we hope customers will find useful. For example, our series of “welcome” emails introduces new customers to the Santander experience, and regular reminder emails help customers keep track of their monthly payments. We even invite new customers to tell us a little about themselves so we can better meet their needs.

“We believe communication is a big part of providing the best customer experience,” says one email. And that means walking the talk.

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