7 ways to meet the challenge of keeping your vehicle financing on track

It’s not always easy.

As hard as you work to meet the challenge of making your monthly car payments, usually thousands of dollars over several years, our series, Discover Santander, aims to help a little.

The series covers topics we’ve identified as being of high interest to Santander Consumer USA (SC) customers and consumers, helping them get the information needed to keep their financial commitments and, ultimately, own their vehicles.

Meet the challenge

In case you missed any part of the series, here together are the seven ways to meet the challenge of keeping your vehicle financing on track:

Find out what you need to know about Santander Consumer USA (Jan. 14)

It’s time to stop wondering, visit our website and find out what you need to know if you have questions about Dallas-based auto lender Santander Consumer USA.

Financing your next car, truck or SUV with Santander Consumer USA (Jan. 21)

How we may be able to help with financing for your next car right now through Santander Consumer USA, Chrysler Capital and RoadLoans and get you on the road.

Make life easier with MyAccount at Santander Consumer USA (Jan. 28)

This blog post covers one of the key things you need to know about repaying your auto loan and improving your customer experience with Santander Consumer USA.

How to reduce stress about making your car payments on time (Feb. 4)

Santander Consumer USA wants to make it as easy as possible for you to reduce stress about making your car payments on time, offering a variety of payment methods to fit your needs.

A long-term relationship with your auto lender starts here (Feb. 11)

From our website to social media to email newsletters, blog and customer service, you’re never far away from Santander Consumer or from reaching us if you need to communicate about your account.

Good customer service is how we ensure you a smooth road ahead (Feb. 18)

Good customer service is how we help you stay on a smooth road to vehicle ownership, showing that Santander Consumer USA takes your experience seriously.

How to shop smarter, smooth out auto financing with these tips (Feb 25)

Occupying valuable website real estate, the Santander Consumer USA (SC) Learning Center pulls together content that can help you shop smarter and smooth out auto financing on your next car.

As an auto lender, SC must be sensitive to a wide range of financial situations affecting several million customers – from making monthly payments on time to getting the title once their vehicle is paid off.

And we work hard to help customers who need it – whether that’s selecting a payment method, remembering a due date, checking total account balance, finding out how many payments are left or various other details to help customers stay on track with their monthly payments.

Now that you’ve read this series, you should know most of what you need to know about SC – or where to find it online or by phone – as we strive to fulfill our values of Simple, Personal and Fair.

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