SC volunteers help homeless families

Overcoming homelessness involves more than providing housing. Vulnerable populations need supportive and educational resources, clothing and other tools to help them live independently. That is where organizations like Save the Family come into play.

Santander Consumer USA (SC) associates recently lent a hand to the Mesa, Arizona-based organization. Volunteers jumped in to unpack clothing and reorganize racks full of pants, dresses and jackets. The event shed light on the important services the nonprofit provides.

Santander Consumer employees Eva Santamaria, Catherine Madison, Azalea Juarez, Kairy Santamaria and Abril Marisela at Save the Family.

SC employees making a difference.
Pictured: Eva Santamaria, Catherine Madison, Azalea Juarez, Kairy Santamaria and Abril Marisela.

“The Save the Family volunteer event was an eye opener,” said Customer Assistance Manager Azalea Juarez. “What they do for our community, offering tools, and resources they provide. I definitely will be going again!”

More than half of those who benefit from Save the Family are children. The organization reports:
• 87% of children served maintained regular school or daycare attendance
• 76% showed improvements in anxiety, depression and aggressive behavior

SC associates have volunteer paid time off they can use to help service their community. Each year, full-time associates receive up to 16 hours, while part-time associates receive eight hours that can be used in a variety of different ways that help the communities in which they live.

“I enjoyed working with Save the Family,” said Late State Collections Manager Adam Fakri. “It is an organization that helps families in need achieve their self-sufficiency while maintaining their dignity.”

Funding Analyst Kairy Santamaria knows the time she and her fellow SC associates put in was well spent. “I’d encourage anyone who has the time available to give back to our community,” she said. “Even the smallest gesture goes a long way.”

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