Santander Consumer USA recognizes outstanding associates

011315 SC Santander Consumer USA recognizesSantander Consumer USA values excellence and service, and we would like to recognize the outstanding associates who are living those values by being more to our customers!


Andy Flores

Late Stage Account Manager, Colorado

Andy is courteous, professional and helpful. Customers appreciate her kindness during rough times. Her excellent customer service and positive attitude help customers feel at ease.

Mary McDaniel

Late Stage Account Manager, Lewisville

Mary has excellent customer service skills. She takes the time to see how she can assist customers. She is professional and courteous.

KeAndre Wilson

Late Stage Account Manager, North Richland Hills

KeAndre is nice, understanding and helpful. He makes our customers feel valued and appreciated.

Tyler Andrews

Customer Service Chrysler Capital, North Richland Hills

Tyler is polite, professional and helpful. He assists customers with the problems and makes them feel valued.


Theodore Hansen

Customer Service Specialist, Colorado

Theodore takes his time to answer all of the questions customers have about their accounts. He is polite, professional and provides outstanding customer service.

Evelyne Birai

Late Stage Account Manager, Lewisville

Evelyne is very compassionate to our customers’ situations, and they notice. She does everything she can to make them feel comfortable and help them come to a resolution on their account issues.

Brianna Brown Roberson

Customer Service Specialist, North Richland Hills

Brianna is polite and professional. Customers have said that speaking with Brianna has made their day. She helps our customers understand our processes and how to resolve their issues, and constantly impresses our customers with her excellent level of service.

Bryan Kinard

Early Stage Account Manager Chrysler Capital, Lewisville

Bryan is known for his kind and patient approach. He takes time to listen to the customer, explains the situation and process in detail, and makes sure that the customer understands and has their situation resolved. He is knowledgeable and is known for his pleasant disposition and going the extra mile.


Julie Binti-Tambwe

Late Stage Account Manager, Colorado

Julie is known for her ability to put customers at ease and help reduce their stress. She is personable, patient, helpful and goes above and beyond to take care of the customer.

Jossie Cisneros

Customer Service Specialist, Lewisville

Customers make it a point to say “Jossie rocks!” She is helpful and understanding of hardships, always nice and professional and provides great customer service.

Edna Simpson

Late Stage Account Manager, North Richland Hills

Edna exceeds customers’ expectations. Not only is she understanding and helpful during difficult times, but she is also very nice and pleasant to talk to.

Fred Wilcots

Late Stage Dialer Account Manager Chrysler Capital, North Richland Hills

Fred is known for his great attitude and his ability to show the customer that he truly cares. He has a way of making customers feel better during hard times, and he brightens their day with his vast knowledge, helpfulness and friendly attitude.

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