Santander Consumer USA recognizes outstanding associates

SantanderSantander Consumer USA values excellence and service, and we would like to recognize the outstanding associates who are living those values by being more to our customers!


Phuong Pham
Customer Service Specialist, Colorado
Phuong has excellent communication skills, takes the time to walk customers through the processes, and is extremely helpful and compassionate.

Luis Ovalle
Late Stage Account Manager, Lewisville
Luis is known for being positive, compassionate and helpful. He is attentive and takes the time to explain the situation to customers. His empathy and sincerity helps customers through difficult times.

Donna Taylor
Customer Service Specialist, North Richland Hills
Donna makes the customers feel special and can even bring a smile to their face under tough situations. She is caring and makes our customers feel valued.

Barbara Thorn
Early Stage Account Manager Chrysler Capital, North Richland Hills
Barbara leaves a great impression on our customers. She is clear, patient, knowledgeable and engaging. She is helpful and even described as a “joy” to talk to.


Temia Stewart
Late Stage Account Manager, Colorado
Temia has been recognized by our customers for her personable service. She listens attentively, explains in detail and is very helpful to each customer.

Eric Nimely
Late Stage Account Manager, Lewisville
Eric not only provides our customers with a professional and respectful level of service, but he does so with warmth. Customers can “feel” the smile on Eric’s face as he helps them.

Irma Bozeman
Customer Service Specialist, North Richland Hills
Customers appreciate Irma’s patience and understanding. She listens attentively, ensures that the customer fully understands the situation and the options available to them and treats each customer with respect.

Noemi Hernandez
Customer Service Specialist Chrysler Capital, North Richland Hills
Noemi provides our customers with excellent service! She ensures that they have all of their questions answered and are satisfied at the end of the call.


Amy Valdez
Customer Service Specialist, Colorado

Amy has received several accolades for her awesome customer service. She is patient, understanding and eager to help, providing outstanding service.

Le-Var Bell
Customer Service Specialist, Lewisville

Customers find Le-Var helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They feel pleased with the best-in-class service they receive, and they enjoy speaking with him.

Sharnesa Steele
Back End Account Manager, North Richland Hills

Sharnesa provides her customers with outstanding service. She is courteous and informative as she assists with various processes. Customers appreciate her kind and helpful approach.

Shavonne Hill
Early Stage Account Manager Chrysler Capital, North Richland Hills

Shavonne is known by our customers for her phenomenal service. She is courteous, supportive, makes her customers feel appreciated and valued.

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