Holiday road trip – make a travel list, check it twice


The thought of a holiday road trip can send shivers down the spine of even the most seasoned winter traveler.

But planning ahead for your road trip can make a big difference in whether you merely endure hours in a cramped vehicle or actually enjoy the ride and arrive at grandma’s house bursting with holiday spirit. So make a list and check it twice to be sure you’re road trip is a nice way to begin and end the holidays.

To help with your planning, we’ve put together a colorful infographic, “Holiday Road Trip – A dozen great ways to prepare for an automobile adventure.” It captures some of the best advice available on ensuring that your holiday road trip doesn’t turn into a family ordeal. 

And if you need more advice, see our Wednesday blog post, “Road Trips – where to find tips online for holiday travel,” with links to some of our favorite articles on the Internet.