Heartfelt video tells our customers ‘we will get through it together’

It’s not often consumers get a good look at the heart of a large company.

But the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed that.

Like other Santander Consumer USA associates working from home, I have found both challenges and rewards in helping the company meet the needs of our customers.

I have produced much content myself or in collaboration with teammates meant to help keep our customers informed of fast-paced changes resulting from the effects of the pandemic on their lives. We’re doing things a lot differently – Zoom, Skype and LoopUp video-conferencing and instant-messaging have become indispensable tools – but we can feel good about the results and our company.

We are staying focused through an uncertain time and know that our customers are benefitting.

If there was any doubt about where our hearts are, then our new video should be reassuring, as we work to ensure that SC and our customers “move forward together.”

“We want you to know, at Santander, we’re here, and we care,” said another associate, who appears in a one-minute video featured atop SC’s COVID-19 landing page.

Here is the video:



The whole world is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the outbreak continues to change the way we go about our days … It is during these times, our connections matter most.

At Santander Consumer USA, the environments in which we perform our jobs may be different … but our connections remain strong.

Through these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever that we remain focused.

And move forward … together.

We want you to know at Santander we are here, and we care.

We care about our colleagues.

We care about our communities.

We care about our dealers.

We care about our customers.

We care about our country.

We care about you.

And through all of this we will get through it … together.

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