Financial health begins with these tips, tools and resources

Every month is a financial literacy month for customers of Santander Consumer USA (SC) – April is just when everyone else takes part.

Marking the official Financial Literacy Month in April, SC will continue our ongoing focus on providing all vehicle shoppers and owners useful, finance-related content in our Learning Center and on the SC blog.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are an SC customer or not to take advantage.

“It’s important for Santander Consumer USA, as an auto lender, to recognize the importance of financial literacy this month and every month,” said Lori Millard, Executive Vice President of Customer Service at Santander Consumer. “We want to help all our customers lead healthy financial lifestyles and be well prepared when they shop for their next vehicle.”

For Financial Literacy Month itself, check out the following helpful videos and articles:

How to set up a monthly budget to finance a new vehicle

According to financial experts, learning how to set up a monthly budget is the key to buying a new vehicle while ensuring you don’t overextend your finances.

How to prevent identity theft

Discover ways to protect yourself from identity thieves and make sure you are being cautious with your personal information.

How to use an auto finance calculator: a step-by-step guide
It’s useful to know how to use an auto finance calculator when you plan to buy a car. Fortunately, auto finance calculators are not that difficult to figure out.

Buying versus leasing when shopping for your next vehicle

Life is full of big decisions, including getting a new vehicle. But a question you will have to answer is whether you should purchase a new vehicle or lease it.

Here’s how long a car should be financed new or used
We’ll help you steer clear of financial potholes when you buy your next car, because you could pay a price if you don’t know how long your vehicle should be financed.

What you need to know about credit when financing a vehicle
What you need to know about credit when financing a vehicle is that lenders generally provide more financing to borrowers with higher credit scores.

What is a simple interest contract in auto financing?

Understanding how a simple interest contract with Santander works, including principal and interest, is an important step in improving financial wellness.

Becoming financially literate and staying financially healthy are choices you must make for yourself, but we provide tips, resources, and tools such as our finance calculators to help you achieve those goals.

So, why would it matter to an auto lender whether their customers are financially literate and healthy?

“We think that the better prepared customers are financially to make a major purchase such as a vehicle, the easier that buying process will be for them, and the more likely it is that they will be satisfied and financially secure after making their purchase,” Millard explained.

Financial Literacy Month is just a reminder that you can benefit from making smart choices year-round.

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