$1.3 million in relief funds from SC Foundation go to community organizations in need

Uncertain times are more secure for non-profit organizations in SC’s home communities as a result of recent donations from Santander Consumer USA Foundation.

The donations are part of a total of $1.3 million in giving to 18 organizations for COVID-19 relief.

The organizations all are providing services aimed at helping to ease the impact of the pandemic on their communities, including virtual classroom capability, support for homeless residents, childcare services for working parents, clinics and shelters for vulnerable families and food distribution efforts.

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“COVID-19 has been devastating to so many vulnerable populations in our home communities and there are many people who are newly receiving help from vital safety nets such as food banks,” said Suzanne Massey, an SC Foundation executive. “We want each of our communities in Texas, Colorado and Arizona to know that Santander Consumer USA’s Foundation cares deeply about the impact that this virus has had on so many. We know that people are truly hurting.”

Recipients of the donations include Café Momentum, a restaurant in Dallas which doubles as a nonprofit helping at-risk youth learn culinary skills.

“We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Foundation [which will allow] Café Momentum to continue providing vital hours of influence to our youth while giving back to those in need within our community,” said Margaret Windham, chief operating and development officer.


Foundation focuses first round of community donations on Coronavirus relief

Café Momentum received a $100,000 donation for its “Momentum Eats” program, which creates meal kits for food-insecure students and their families in Dallas-area communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Thank you for believing in us and for standing by our side during these uncertain times,” Windham said, referring to the Foundation, which is based in Dallas.

The Foundation seeks to bolster agencies and nonprofit organizations in SC’s major operations centers in Dallas and North Richland Hills, TX; Denver, CO, and Mesa, AZ that are “squeezing every minute and every dollar out of every day” to give back, according to Massey.

“While it feels that the world has been turned upon its head, and indeed it has for so many, we hope that these commitments help encourage acts of care, kindness and compassion and that the impact of these investments will be long-lasting and widespread.”

In addition to Café Momentum, here are the other nonprofit grant recipients with the amount of funds they received and the purposes for which the funds will be used:

Dallas Education Foundation

Location: Dallas, TX

Grant amount: $150,000

Grant purpose: Dallas Independent School District distance learning and virtual classroom.

Comment: “As a result of these uncertain times, it’s required for our students to have the ability and option to access quality virtual instruction. Santander Consumer’s generous grant will go toward funding the development of a robust virtual classroom environment – initially for our 7,700-plus PTECH students with a vision of providing a platform that scales to all high schools, and eventually, districtwide. On behalf of Dallas ISD, thank you to Santander Consumer for your ongoing support.”

– Mita Havlick, Executive Director, Dallas Education Foundation

A New Leaf Inc.

Location: Phoenix/Mesa, AZ

Grant amount: $100,000

Grant purpose: Funding for the programs, clinics and shelters that remain open during the crisis.

Comment: “The COVID-19 pandemic and its social and economic implications is having a profound effect on the vulnerable families that A New Leaf serves. Our emergency shelter and community support programs are striving to meet the increased need for services despite losses in funding, in-kind donations, and volunteer support, as well as increased costs for sanitization/protective measures. We are also ramping up services to address the need for more intensive Workforce Development Services and financial assistance to help families remain stably housed, or to regain housing as quickly as possible. Support from our community partners, like Santander Consumer USA, are more critical than ever to help vulnerable households stay healthy and regain economic and housing stability.”

Michael Hughes, president and CEO

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley

Location: Phoenix/Mesa, AZ

Grant amount: $100,000

Grant purpose: Childcare services for working parents during crisis.

Comment: “When Arizona declared a state of emergency to address the Coronavirus, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley made the decision to open Clubs for families working in essential services. Finding quality, affordable care can be a challenge, and we knew that our mission – to serve those who need us most – would be fulfilled by ensuring parents would be able to work and know their kids would be somewhere safe. The investment of Santander Consumer USA has allowed us to go forth safely and confidently during this time, serving our Mesa families. We are so grateful for Santander’s commitment to our families and the work of Boys & Girls Clubs.”

– Sam Fowler, vice president of development and strategy

Family Gateway

Location: Dallas, TX

Grant amount: $100,000

Grant purpose: Supports critical operations of the emergency shelter with increased need among children with COVID-19 related school and day care closings.

Comment: “We are so grateful for Santander Consumer and their partnership in our mission. Their generosity will support our hotel overflow program for families with children experiencing homelessness, which is activated when all shelter space is full. Their gift will also help fund our housing-focused case management to move families from our emergency shelter and overflow hotels into housing as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our critical work would not be possible without the generous support of Santander Consumer.”

– Ellen Magnis, president and CEO


Parkland Hospital Foundation-Public Health Preparedness Fund

Location: Dallas, TX

Grant amount: $100,000

Grant purpose: This fund will help Parkland respond to the most urgent needs that come with delivering healthcare in Dallas County during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Comment: “We are extremely grateful to Santander for their generous donation to Parkland Foundation to support our Public Health Preparedness Fund. Their gift came at a critical time for Parkland and helped fund the purchase of PPE for caregivers, medical supplies and testing equipment. This donation from Santander helped us care for our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, while their show of support boosted morale of our caregivers and employees across the health system.”

Michael A. Horne, president and CEO

Visiting Nurse Association of Texas

Location: Dallas, TX

Grant amount: $100,000

Grant purpose: Meals on Wheels to handle significant demand increase due to COVID-19.

Comment: “The Visiting Nurse Association’s critical work in serving the vulnerable senior population would not be possible without support from generous companies like Santander Consumer. This gift will allow us to continue to provide meals and outreach to more than 4,500 homebound senior neighbors during this crisis. Additionally this gift will allow us to add seniors to service that have been adversely affected by the outbreak. As long-time volunteer partners, the employees at Santander Consumer know firsthand what proper nutrition and a friendly smile can mean to an isolated senior. Thank you!”

– Katherine Krause, president and CEO

Vogel Alcove

Location: Dallas, TX

Grant amount: $100,000

Grant purpose: Supports general operations to meet increasing and unexpected needs of homeless families resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

Comment: “Families that are experiencing or recovering from homelessness face unique challenges every day. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these trials in ways that could place the children and families we care for in very real danger of not having their most basic needs met and losing their homes and sliding back into homelessness. We are so appreciative of the gift from Santander which allows us to keep our programs operating during this time and expanding our services to our families.”

– Karen Hughes, president and CEO

Food Bank of the Rockies

Location: Denver, CO

Grant amount: $50,000

Grant purpose: Food distribution during COVID-19.

Comment: “The COVID-19 pandemic has left many Coloradans facing hunger. Food Bank of the Rockies is doing everything we can to ensure we are nourishing our community. We are grateful to Santander Consumer USA Foundation for partnering with us during this difficult time and helping us to meet the growing need. This grant will allow us to continue our important work and distribute enough food for 200,000 meals.”

Erin Pulling, president and CEO

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

Location: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Grant amount: $50,000

Grant purpose: Fund unexpected increase in the emergency shelter food budget due to COVID-19.

Comment: “Santander is the epitome of what it means to be a Genesis Corporate Hero. Their support throughout the years has enabled us to keep our doors open and lights on so that we can continue to serve more than 4,000 women and children each year. Most recently, their generous $50,000 donation displays their commitment to joining us on our mission to end domestic violence, and we are so grateful for their unwavering support.”

– Jan Langbein, CEO


North Texas Food Bank

Location: North Texas

Grant amount: $50,000

Grant purpose: Food distribution during COVID-19.

Comment: “It is estimated that roughly 50% of those served by the North Texas Food Bank feeding network in recent weeks needed assistance for the first time, which underscores the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the thoughtful and generous support of partners like the Santander Consumer USA Foundation, NTFB is able to provide critical relief to families in need. Your contribution will be used to help us distribute nutritious food safely and efficiently throughout our 13-county service area. We are so grateful for your partnership throughout the years and especially during challenging times like this.”

– Trisha Cunningham, president and CEO

United Food Bank

Location: Mesa, AZ

Grant amount: $50,000

Grant purpose: Food distribution during COVID-19.

Comment: “United Food Bank continues to address the increased demand for food assistance in Arizona as a result of the COVID-19 health emergency. To meet the increased demand for assistance at our food distributions and member agencies, we continue to distribute food at levels much higher than average. Last month we distributed 2.2 million pounds of food – normally we would be delivering 1.6 million pounds. Thank you to Santander Consumer USA Foundation for not only providing 250,000 meals during this crisis but for providing hope for a brighter future for struggling Arizonans.”

— Dave Richins, president and CEO


Location: North Texas

Grant amount: $50,000

Grant purpose: Childcare services for working parents, including essential service providers.

Comment: “The YMCA is here to help the community during this time of need. Thanks to partners like Santander Consumer, essential workers across our community, including first responders, medical professionals, government officials, healthcare/hospital, grocery, logistics industry, and other essential workers, don’t have to worry about the cost of child care for their children. With this generous gift, we are able to expand service to the families who are selflessly serving all of us during this difficult time.”

– Curt Hazelbaker, president and CEO

Previous donations of $200,000 went to organizations in Dallas, Phoenix-Mesa, Denver and Miami, FL:

The Foundation already is working on the next round of funding to serve our communities.

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