What to know about green cars, other vehicles as more hit American roads

green car

When “green” vehicles hit the road, everyone seems to notice.

More and more – total vehicle numbers and models – are doing just that. About one in 250 vehicles now on the road are so-called green vehicles – green cars, SUVs and trucks – that is, not standard gasoline-engine vehicles, according to Grist news and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Considering the segment growth, we thought it would be fun and informative to take a graphic look at green vehicles and their still small, but increasing influence on American motorists and driving.

The accompanying infographic, “Green with Envy,” offers a look at:

  • some of the basics of going green, such as how the number of available vehicle models has grown over time
  • driver values that affect decisions on purchasing green vehicles
  • top reasons some Americans decide to leave gasoline power behind.

We even provide an example of the cost of taking a trip in a green car and gasoline-powered car from Seattle, Wash., to Orlando, Fla., based on manufacturer mileage claims. And the result may surprise you.

So, take a ride with us on the road to green.

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