The connection between used cars, turtles and your monthly loan payment

Several months ago we noticed …

The hottest post on the Santander Consumer USA (SC) blog was about the 30 best used cars to buy under $30,000, based on Consumer Reports and posted in 2015.

Obviously, it was time to refresh the content and account for more recent models.

So far this year that one post has been viewed nearly 50,000 times with visitors spending an average of more than four minutes (4:16 to be exact) reading about vehicles in nine categories – ranging from the subcompact Honda Fit and compact Pontiac Vibe to the Toyota Highlander SUV.

The CR report is based on “years of test data and hundreds of thousands of survey responses.”

Here’s where you can find the best, according to Consumer Reports, in every year from 2007-2016. Among the thousands of used-car choices, something here just may be in your car-buying sweet spot.

Two other posts have generated more than 10,000 views each so far this year and are clear favorites.

The upside down dilemma

The news can’t be good any time the words “upside down” and “vehicle” are used in the same sentence.

In this case, it refers to being upside down on monthly payments – owing more on a car than it’s worth – which can be especially troubling if you want to trade it in for another vehicle.

Visitors spend on average about 3:30 looking over the suggestions in the featured infographic.

This graphic shows how big a problem the upside down dilemma is and six ways to avoid it in the future, from diligently researching the makes and models you are considering to carefully shopping for financing to avoiding unnecessary options on your next purchase.

Or maybe they’re just enjoying the turtle illustrations …

Keeping payments up to date

And then there is the challenge of keeping monthly vehicle payments up to date.

This blog post, which has engaged visitors for an average of nearly 2:30, shows how Santander Consumer USA makes it as easy as possible for customers to stay on top of their vehicle payments.

That includes more FREE options than ever before, described in another infographic, Staying on Track. Those options include SC’s automatic payment option, online payment available 24/7, paying by phone using an interactive voice system and paying by mail.

For most people, financing a vehicle is one of the largest financial obligations they have, second only to a home mortgage or, perhaps, student loans.

SC noticed and committed to providing as many payment options as possible.

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