Santander employees worldwide meet the new chairman

Santander Consumer USA associates in Dallas listen to the new chairman’s live speech.

Santander employees around the world got the chance to hear from the new chairman of Banco Santander, Ana Botín.

Botín was appointed chairman after her father and former chairman, Emilio Botín, passed away in early September.

Botín, along with Banco Santander CEO Javier Marín, spoke to more than 30,000 people across the globe via live stream about the future of the bank and its subsidiaries.

Santander Consumer USA (SCUSA), one of Banco Santander’s American lending divisions, held a showing in its Dallas headquarters. It was standing room only as hundreds of SCUSA employees listened to what Botín and Marín had to say.

Botín began by expressing gratitude to employees and supporters worldwide. She quickly moved to the mission of the bank, which she said never changed under her father, and won’t under her leadership either.

“Our mission is to help [customers],” explained Botín,. “To give support to our customers and to help them with their projects and help make their dreams come true.”

Meeting customers’ needs

Both Botín and Marín echoed the fact that Banco Santander “is and will remain a leading bank,” but they also recognized the need to stay current on its technology and digital products in order to meet the needs of customers.

“Customers must be at the heart of everything we do,” said Marín. “We have to continue to develop applications and functionality that will give customers a unique experience that sets us apart.”

“All sectors have to change. We are not afraid of change,” Botín said. “We will do what is necessary to achieve more-stable, more-lasting relationships with the customer.”

The audience at Thanksgiving Tower in Dallas appeared to pay particular attention when the speech moved to employee relations. Again, Botín and Marín were in accord about creating a work environment that promotes employee satisfaction.

‘The best company’

“We have the best banks, with the best teams,” remarked Marín. “Today, more than ever, We are Santander.”

“The best measure of success is when, in every country where we are present, our customers recommend us,” said Botín. “You are the basis of everything. We are going to make it because we are a great team, and together we are going to be an even better bank.”

As the speeches wrapped up, Botín took questions and received feedback from employees around the world via the live feed. Several employees at SCUSA headquarters were impressed with the fact that the chairman would take time to address teams worldwide.

“You don’t get that too often, you know … the chairman addressing the staff,” said Charles Medley, a SCUSA project manager. “I’m excited because it shows that it’s not just about local opportunities but global ones as well.”

“I thought it was awesome just to hear, first hand, her thoughts on the direction of the company,” said Sandra Wright of IT servicing. “I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from her about her charter and where she wants the company to go.”

There is sure to be more from Botín in the future, as SCUSA and Banco Santander look for different ways to expand their reach in the financial sector.

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