Quick poll question: Which car feature would you miss the most if it was gone?

Man in car using stereo

Part of the pleasure of owning and driving today’s vehicles is the number of features and gadgets designed to make our time with our cars more enjoyable and functional. From built-in vacuum cleaners and audible safety alerts to retractable door handles and 360-degree camera views, as each new model releases, it seems there are more bells and whistles to work with.

Which led us to ask the following quick poll question.

What one feature on your vehicle would you miss the most if it was gone?

The graphic below shows the results we received in percentages.

Being that the car stereo is the top item drivers would miss, the obvious follow-up question wonders what type of music is at the top of everyone’s playlist.

Here are the results from that query:

How do your tastes in music and preferences on car features match up with those polled? For a road trip or long commute, it is hard to argue with the joy of cranking some classic rock on the car stereo.

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