At Santander, we do all we can to empower customers – and here’s how

Communicating with a big company such as Santander Consumer USA (SC) sometimes can be difficult, even when everyone is trying.

But it’s especially important when you owe the company thousands of dollars.

As an auto lender, SC must be sensitive to a wide range of financial situations affecting several million customers – from making monthly payments on time to getting the title once their vehicle is paid off. Our seven-part series, Discover Santander, aims to help customers get the information they need from us so that they can keep their financial commitment and, ultimately, own their vehicle.

empower customers

In case you missed it, here is a summary of the series and links to the seven blog posts:

Here’s where to find what you need to know about Santander Consumer USA [Part 1]

It’s about time to stop wondering about Santander Consumer USA and get answers to your questions. Our website’s “About” section generates millions of page views a year from people who want to know. If you’re a customer – or just curious about the company – this section may be your next destination.

The many ways we talk to our customers – and they can talk to us [Part 2]

From our website to social media to email newsletters, blog and customer service, you’re never far away from Santander Consumer USA or from reaching us if you need to communicate about your account. We believe that communication is a big part of providing the best customer experience.

MyAccount One way Santander Consumer USA can make your life easier [Part 3]

A lot of website visitors are customers who are managing their relationship with SC through MyAccount, which has received almost 2.6 million visitors – 16 percent of the total traffic – in the past year.  Customers who sign up for MyAccount find that it makes managing their finances easier.

How to keep your monthly vehicle payments up to date [Part 4]

This mainly comprises an infographic that provides a quick guide to all payment options – fast, secure and many of them free – that SC offers our customers to help them stay on track with their payments. Financing a vehicle is a big commitment, but these options can help keep you on top of it.

Customer service really matters at Santander Consumer USA [Part 5]

SC works hard to help customers who need it – whether that’s selecting a payment method, remembering a due date, checking total account balance, finding out how many payments are left, etc. – and provide experiences that meet our standard of being simple, personal and fair.

When you need directions, Santander Consumer USA customer service can help [Part 6]

“Our goal is to provide best-in-class customer service to all of our customers and grow with our customers,” said an SC vice president of call center operations. “We are here to ensure the customer’s requests and concerns are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.”

Santander Consumer USA and Financing Your Next Car, Truck or SUV [Part 7]

SC helps thousands of consumers every day to drive home their next car, financing across a wide range of credit through around 14,500 dealers nationwide, online through our RoadLoans program or through Chrysler Capital purchase and lease programs.

After reading this series, you should know most of what you need to know about SC – or where to find it online or by phone – as we strive to fulfill our values of Simple, Personal and Fair.