After all these years, the Interstate Highway System is still a good idea

Nearly a century ago, someone had a bright idea.

It took almost 40 years to get construction funding, and another 40 to get most of it done, but the Interstate Highway System is one of the manmade wonders of the world.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the system, we’ve put together some fun facts – in a colorful information graphic – with which you can amaze friends and family. Or just think about the next time you’re driving the miles and miles of Interstate highway from one city to another.


Going places: How the Interstate has paved the way for American drivers

“The Interstate Highway System is the backbone of the nation’s economy … [and] has given Americans greater choices about where they live, work, shop and spend their leisure time,” said TRIP, a national nonprofit transportation research group, in The Interstate Highway System Turns 60.

Want to know how much the system cost to build, how many miles it stretches, how much traffic it carries, what the longest (and shortest) routes are?

We went looking for the answers that would satisfy our need to know.

How bright is that idea?

090116 SC After all these years, the Interstate Highway System is still a good idea

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