12 must-read blog posts before you go shopping for your next vehicle

Nov. 5, 2012.

It’s the date the Santander Consumer USA (SC) blog recorded its first page view.

We’ve attracted a lot more visitors since then.

And that got us thinking about the most-popular posts in the history of the SC blog: Which generated the most reader interest according to Google Analytics?

We identified 12 with at least 10,000 page views, many of which still are useful, while eliminating several, such as “Quest for the World Cup” and “Pets+Cars photo contest” because they were dated.

If you want to be better informed, here are the most-popular posts, including five about used-car shopping and/or which used cars to consider, three related to managing your auto loan and keeping your head above water with your financing, and two about dependable vehicles:

  1. These are the 30 best used cars to buy – Consumer Reports (155,111 page views)
  2. MyAccount: One way Santander Consumer USA can make your life easier (69,956)
  3. How to keep up to date on your monthly payments without a hassle, which was succeeded by How to keep your monthly vehicle payments up to date (35,633)
  4. Where to look for used vehicles online before visiting a dealer (26,224)
  5. Here are 11 ways to help you decide if you should buy a new vs. used car, which was succeeded by Why you should purchase a used vehicle instead of new and Why you should purchase a new vehicle instead of used (25,406)
  6. If your car is worth less than you owe, you face the dreaded … Upside Down Dilemma (24,926)
  7. Trucks, SUVs ‘go the distance,’ rule list of top-10 longest lasting vehicles, which was succeeded by Buy a pickup, SUV for the long haul – 200,000 miles or more (20,796)
  8. Here are the most dependable auto brands – J.D. Power owner survey, which was succeeded by Mainstream used vehicles that are as dependable as luxury brands (19,687)
  9. Your cheat sheet for new (or used) car shopping (15,742)
  10. Try this easy-to-follow, 11-step guide to shopping for a used car (15,183)
  11. How you’ll know when it’s the right time to purchase another vehicle (10,867)
  12. How you can drive a cool, new car for less than $18,000 (10,722)

There are nearly 200 additional blog posts with more than 1,000 views covering a wide range of subjects from car-buying advice/information to car-finance information and vehicle-shopping research.

And some just for fun, such as The car you drive may show your odds of getting a ticket and Automotive ‘icon’ Fiat 500 finds parking place in art museum’s collection.

Oh, and that first page view?

It went to a post about the premier of the James Bond movie “Skyfall,” which featured a “stylish, exhilarating, sexy” Aston Martin DB5 classic that apparently blows up at the end.

But that was just the beginning for the SC blog and our readers.

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