Worst Valentine’s Day gifts for car lovers

020315 SC Worst Valentine’s Day gifts for car loversWhile it’s great to try and think outside of the heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to overdo it. They say it’s the thought that counts, but some gifts will have your loved one asking, “What were you thinking?”

We’ve told you what kinds of Valentine’s Day gifts we think your car lover will enjoy. Now here are a few ideas to steer clear of, brought to you by arguably the most impressive car aficionados in the business. You guessed it, my coworkers. Alright, we did consult ConsumerReports.org, but we did most of the work.

Survey says …

  1. Anything fuzzy – Call it what you want, vintage, traditional, old school, they all stand for old. Whether it’s a pair of dice to hang from the rear-view mirror or a rabbit’s foot on a key chain, just say no.
  1. Anything beaded – If your love has expressed the desire to give his or her car a retro look, go for vintage steering wheel or radio. Lay low on the beaded seat covers.
  1. Car magazine subscription – Rule of thumb. Don’t get your sweetie anything you can pick up for free at the doctor’s office.
  1. Spinning hubcaps – “Spinnaz” had their day in the sun, but those days are long gone. They represent a forgotten time when “blingin” in excess equaled success. Spinning hubcaps still will turn a few heads but, more likely, will turn your Valentine’s stomach.
  1. Car eyelashes – This is perfect if the love of your life is 16. Save this gift for your daughter and not for your significant other.
  1. Portable vacuum cleaner – This is equivalent to buying a scale or broom as a Valentine’s Day present. Save yourself the side-glances and agony. Just get the car detailed.
  1. Personal breathalyzer – No one knows your sweetheart better than you. But if he or she needs this, it may be better to purchase a year’s worth of free rides with your local car service or taxi company instead.
  1. Car-customized wine bottles – Yes, there is a company in Sonoma Valley called Classic Car Wines that will put an image of your love’s favorite car on his or her favorite wine. If this is on the list, please see item 6.

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift on Valentine’s Day, but not impossible. A bad gift can quickly turn the most romantic day of the year into a nightmare. Valentine’s Day is more about the meaning behind the gift that you give. So if you’re stumped as to what your car enthusiast might like, simpler may be better. Flowers and an expensive dinner may not win you any brownie points, but it won’t land you on the couch either.

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