Special FIAT by Gucci Edition ready to hit the road again in North America

FIAT Gucci EditionHear the name Gucci, and cars aren’t usually what come to mind. The guru of high-fashion handbags and accessories is more quickly associated with fashion shows rather than auto shows. That’s unless you’re talking about the FIAT by Gucci Edition 500 and 500c (Cabrio), because then the design partners suggest, success of the model is in the bag.

Back by popular demand, the 2013 limited-edition 500 and 500c FIAT by Gucci Edition models will return to America with a new appearance inside and out while continuing to meet the popularity and market demand of the previous edition, according to the carmaker.

“It doesn’t get better than this: two brands like Gucci and FIAT collaborating on an encore of the fastest-selling Fiat 500 that we ever had in our U.S. portfolio,” said Jason Stoicevich, Head of FIAT Brand North America – Chrysler Group LLC. “The success of the Fiat by Gucci 500 demonstrates that there is a clientele in America that appreciates and demands high-quality small cars loaded with the craftsmanship, technology and the style that only the Italians can offer.”

The special model FIAT by Gucci, which will be available in North America for a limited time, arrives at FIAT studios this month with a starting price of $23,750, according to the car maker.

“The car is the result of intensive creative collaboration between Stile FIAT and Gucci, a co-design project where the work by the Italian designer label is devised to enhance the distinguishing traits of the iconic 500,” according to the designer’s Web site. “Consequently, ‘500 by Gucci’ represents the perfect blend of two stylistic approaches which, each in its respective field, have made Italian style so famous and influential all over the world, focusing as ever on attention to detail, the ongoing pursuit of quality materials, in the spirit of a simple yet refined elegance.”

Two exterior color schemes are available: Nero black with bright chrome details, and Blanco white with satin-finish chrome, “both circumscribed by Gucci’s trademark green and red stripes below the window line,” according to Car and Driver magazine.

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