Resources at Santander Consumer USA

Lauren is a smart, active, college-age single woman looking for a car – and financing. She doesn’t have a lot of money or credit, and that worries her.

She’s internet savvy but not experienced in borrowing money for large purchases.

Lauren, a composite of consumers ages 18-24, needs some guidance, but when she looks for help, information pours out of her computer monitor and nearly sets her head into a rapid, spin cycle. But she also knows that many company internet sites have “resources” tabs or “FAQs” to help site visitors locate what they need online and in the real world, so she started looking around.

One of the websites she found was for Santander Consumer USA and its Drive brand and another for RoadLoans, which seemed to provide answers to some of her most pressing, perplexing questions.

While Santander is an indirect finance source – a behind-the-scenes finance company which provides loans through select automobile dealers – RoadLoans is its direct-to-consumer product. She liked the idea that RoadLoans offers quick-and-easy, online financing to people a lot like her.

And the “resources” and FAQ areas on both sites provided a lot of the answers she needed with articles on topics such as applying for used car loan, pre-approved car loans, online car loan calculators, applying for auto loan online and auto loans for people with bad, or in Lauren’s case, no credit. FAQs offered answers to questions about billing, online payments, payment arrangements and car titles.

A new section of the website with customer reviews provided a lot of additional answers in a customer-friendly form that Lauren was well-accustomed to reading.

After exploring all the available information, she decided to apply online at RoadLoans, and was amazed at how quick and easy the process really was. She also received her loan approval within minutes, which allowed her to go car shopping immediately with multiple financing options for her budgeting.

Lauren was behind the wheel of her new car so fast she was afraid she would be pulled over for speeding. Not really, but you get the idea.

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