‘Pets+Cars’ photo contest should produce some real furry fun

Pets and cars.

Two of our favorite things.

So we thought it would be fun to combine them and invite you to play along as we did with our Road Trip, World Cup, March Madness and other contests.

And so was born our six-week Santander Consumer USA (SCUSA) “Pets+Cars” photo contest*, which you can enter through our Facebook page, then by following the tab there to post a photo of your pet in or on or under or around your favorite vehicle, along with a clever caption.

Of course, photos that feature pets and trucks, crossovers and SUVs also will count. Pets+Vehicles just wasn’t as catchy a title for the contest, we think you’ll agree.

But the photo you post must contain both a pet AND a car, truck, crossover, SUV or van/minivan.

The SCUSA Pets+Cars photo contest runs from June 1 through July 15, 2015. There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit, and no purchase is necessary to enter or win.

You also can help pick the top Pets+Cars photos by voting for your favorite after posting your photo – or even without posting a photo by simply following this Pets+Cars link and scrolling below the entry form. Prizes valued at no more than $600 each will be awarded to the three photos receiving the highest number of votes.

So, get out the car and the smartphone and say hello, kitty (or pup or parakeet or pot-bellied pig, etc.) to take your shot at pet perfection. Winners will be announced on Monday, July 20.

And to put you in the mood for our contest, we found this video – “Cats and dogs on their first car ride” – which has garnered more than one million views on YouTube.

Don’t forget to share this blog post via Facebook and Twitter (buttons below).

And win with Santander.

*No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, contest ends on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. See complete contest entry rules here.

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