New vs. used, manual vs. automatic … and the evolving Batmobile

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032417 SC New vs. used, manual vs. automatic Š and the evolving Batmobile

Which way to go?

When weighing a new car against a used one, the impact of financing might be one factor that tips the balance.

There are different advantages to new and used car loans that may best suit your particular situation, and save you some cash, too.

For example, new cars generally come with lower interest rates, but go pre-owned and you’ll typically find shorter loan terms.

Discover the potential upsides for each side.

Not always an automatic choice

Most U.S. drivers opt for a car with an automatic transmission, probably without much, if any, deliberation.

Changing gears is just one less thing to worry about, particularly in stop-and-go traffic or if you’re traveling with kids in the back.
Yet for some, pluses like a more engaging driving style, typically lower new-car prices and better gas mileage are more important.

Compare the key differences of manual vs. automatic transmissions.

A crime-fighting classic

It’s been some journey for the Batmobile.

From the Cord Roaster-based design of the 1940s to the seemingly indestructible Tumbler to the adaptable vehicle of “The Lego Batman Movie,” it has changed significantly with the times to become one of Batman’s most potent weapons.

Chart the evolution of the Batmobile over 76 years of comics, TV series and movies.

The Supra

It wasn’t a first car, exactly, but being sleek, red and speedy, it made a lasting impression.

Mark Macesich’s 1984 Toyota Supra was a reward for finishing graduate school – one in which buckling up in the driver’s seat “was like sitting atop a rocket.”

Thinking of a retro, rocket-like ride? They’re still available.

Read the about The Supra.

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