Car floor mats for Mother’s Day gift may not be a good idea

There are two schools of thought on automotive-related gifts for Mother’s Day.

No. 1, don’t do it. Or, No. 2 if you’re going to do it, make it something other than floor mats, an oil change, new windshield wiper blades or a car wash – anything that should be regular maintenance.

(And just to be clear, there are plenty of bad ideas for Father’s Day, too, such as a bug deflector.)

“Mom might appreciate having her damaged steering wheel replaced with one that’s stylish, possibly leather covered. Her sun-damaged and faded dash could be repaired, replaced or recovered to upgrade the interior,” suggests Tuffy Auto Service Centers, a chain based in Toledo, OH.

But it gets stranger: In an online article entitled “Six Budget-Friendly Mother’s Day Ideas,” suggests changing the air and cabin filters, changing windshield wiper blades, filling her gas tank and tires, washing her car, changing her car’s oil and, No. 1, doing all of these things with her.

Tint World Auto Styling Centers based in Weston, FL, suggests “you can find great deals and discounts on automotive gifts for Mom during our Tint World Mother’s Day Sale.”

Now, maybe I’m looking at this all wrong, but doesn’t most of this stuff fall under maintenance?

In all fairness, Tint World also suggests backup sensors and cameras, stereo and audio upgrades and interior detailing in an article, “Style Mom’s Ride at Tint World.”

In addition to more serious suggestions, such as a solar travel charger for her smart phone, a subscription to Sirius XM radio or designer aviator sunglasses, Mr. Magic Car Wash, based in Pittsburgh, PA, also lists a car vacuum cleaner, travel mug, state heart bumper sticker and air freshener. Really?

Among more appealing ideas such as keyless entry or an alarm system, Rich White of the Car Care Council also suggests, “those net shopping bags, for example, that hook on back of the driver’s seat.”

A couple years ago the blog suggested paying mom’s car insurance for a month; car dé offered decorated license plate frames, and a BMW blog suggests a gas gift card. says anything automotive is among the 10 worst gifts for Mother’s Day.

Among our favorite suggestions? Reserving mom a spot at a performance driving school or renting an exquisite exotic car for the day (or weekend), both from Autoweek. But then the publication just can’t help itself, suggesting “a subscription to Autoweek magazine, 26 issues for $29.95.”

And then, there’s the elephant in the room, also brought to us by

“The one automotive gift any mother would love on Mother’s Day is the keys to that convertible she always wanted but spent the money on raising you and your siblings instead.”

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