Best Valentine’s Day gifts for car lovers

It’s nearing the season where heart-shaped trinkets and red roses reign supreme. Valentine’s Day is the undisputed heavyweight champion of all things sentimental and loving.

Ah, amore.

But what if your honey’s love language is spoken in terms of miles per hour?

The traditional guess-what’s-in-the-center chocolate box just won’t do. Nothing says I heart you more than a thoughtful auto-related gift. provides a few go-to suggestions from the car cupid.

  1. Get Sirius – Who doesn’t like an upgrade? Move from local radio to nationwide tunes. No fade outs and very few commercials. It’s like going from coach to the first class of music on road trips.
  1. Prepaid gas card – Gas prices have been declining lately, but that doesn’t mean your car enthusiast won’t enjoy a free tank. Fill her up, please.
  1. Dent and scratch removal – Believe it or not, your car lover knows every ding or scratch received while parked at the local grocery store. Why not have the small imperfections removed? You’re sure to be seen as model of perfection after this thoughtful gesture.
  1. Window chip removal – Watching the small chip-turned-crack slowly spread across the windshield is probably tantamount to waterboarding for your love. So surprise him or her with a special delivery… a chip-free windshield.
  1. Details, Details, Details – Literally…get the car detailed. A regular wash is fine for birthdays or getting out of the doghouse, but Valentine’s Day calls for the big guns. The memory of an immaculate car will spill over into St. Patrick’s Day, and you’ll continue to reap the benefits.
  1. Rent a ride – Is your sweetheart into Maseratis but stuck with the minivan? Rent the car of his or her dreams for a weekend. The only problem…returning it once the honeymoon is over.
  1. Boost the boom – If your partner is all about that bass, get a new sound system installed. For the budget conscious, it may be a simple matter of upgrading the speakers.

Teddy bears and flowers are nice, but there’s no harm in getting points for originality this Valentine’s Day. Think outside the box of chocolates, and go for something with a little va-va-vroom to it. It’s sure to fuel the love on Valentine’s Day.

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