Because there’s no easy cure for the summer driving blues

Summer has arrived.

So, it’s about time to take action – or not – on all the car maintenance that should be done before heading out for weekends, road trips or vacations, or the usual driving around town.

We could have provided some sensible advice, but what’s the fun in that – and who’s gonna read it?

So the infographic below takes you places you should not go this summer, picturing what it could mean if you don’t prepare for summer, because you just don’t have the time, or, hey, because the car, truck or SUV is running just fine now so why go out looking for trouble.

But, remember, you may not be the only one to suffer the consequences if you travel the road described below, because these are ways to just about ensure your outings will be unbearable.

So, if you really want to enjoy your summer driving, do the opposite of Awesome Al below …

You’ll thank us for it soon enough.