Car care tips: Because there’s no easy cure for summer driving blues

Summer has almost arrived.

So, it’s time to take action – or not – on all the car care tips that should be heeded before heading out for weekends, road trips or vacations, or the usual driving around town.

We could provide some sensible car care tips, but what’s the fun in that – and who’s gonna read it?

So the infographic below takes you places you should not go this summer, picturing what it could mean if you don’t prepare for summer, because you just don’t have the time, or, hey, because the car, truck or SUV is running just fine now so why go out looking for trouble.

But, remember, you may not be the only one to suffer the consequences if you travel the road described below, because these are ways to just about ensure your outings will be unbearable.

So, if you really want to enjoy your summer driving, do the opposite of Awesome Al below …

You’ll thank us for it soon enough.

Suffer through summer infographic

How to suffer through summer

… or a few sure-fire ways to make your summer road trip as miserable as possible.


How can you keep up with scheduled vehicle maintenance if you’re busy being awesome all the time.


Summer heat may degrade the other guy’s battery, but you’re a lot luckier than all those other guys.


Sure your system is barely operating, but what makes those know-it-alls think it will fail completely?


Clean windshields are for wimps. Adventurous travelers like you don’t replace worn wipers or worry about washer fluid.


You know what tires need to be? Round. Well, round-ish. Pressure schmessure.


Road trips are all about being spontaneous. And you think getting lost and aggravated or running out of gas is half the fun.


Cracked, glazed, frayed, brittle, bulging. What’s the big deal? The REAL adventure would be to see how many more miles they’ll last.


Chances are slim that you actually will need a roadside emergency kit – and that’s why you took survival training anyway.

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