12 steps to preparing for your holiday-season road trip

Road trips are as much a part of holiday activities for millions of Americans as turkey and presents – and in some places, making snowmen and sledding.

But preparing for a holiday-season road trip can make a big difference in whether you merely endure hours in a cramped vehicle or actually enjoy the ride and arrive at your destination bursting with holiday spirit. This is especially true for merry-makers headed to more northern locales.

To help with your road trip planning, we’ve put together an infographic, “Holiday Road Trip – A dozen great ways to prepare for an automobile adventure,” that captures some of the best advice available on ensuring that your holiday road trip doesn’t turn into an ordeal.

“With a little prep, you can leave the road-trip stress at home and enjoy the holiday,” advised AAA. So make a list and check it twice to be sure your road trip goes smoothly.

Also look for our post next week about taking a road trip in the age of COVID-19.

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