11 tips to make your next camping trip an organized adventure for the whole family

Camping illustration

Fresh air. Babbling brooks. Lush forests. Wildlife. Campfires. Fun with family and friends.

All words that can be used to describe something millions of Americans spend quality time doing every year – a camping adventure.

Spread out across the United States, national forests, greenspaces, state parks, hiking trails and campgrounds are plentiful and can offer a great way to get away for a vacation, overlanding adventure or to simply recharge. The best part? Many campsites or outdoorsy locations are just a short road trip away.

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We spoke with several of our co-workers who regularly camp with their families and friends (as well as sources like Camping World, REI, and Bass Pro Shops), to create the following list of 11 tips to help make you and your traveling party, well, happy campers.

11 tips for happy campers infographic

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of EVERYTHING you need for a camping trip, it will hopefully at least give you a starting point for things to pack before you head to the site. Outdoor experts REI have a helpful checklist available for what to take camping and keep you from feeling “overwhelmed by what to bring” as you load up and head outdoors.

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