Most-popular SUVs, other car stories to help you shop in ’20

Year-end lists usually tell you the most-important or most-popular things that happened during the year.

We won’t totally break with that tradition, but the most-popular SUVs and other car stories of 2019 also should help you shop for a new or used vehicle or manage your auto financing in 2020.

Below you will find links to the 10 most-popular posts of 2019 from the Santander Consumer USA blog and 10 most-popular posts from the RoadLoans blog, based on readership data.

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Far-and-away the most popular post on each blog is about the longest-lasting vehicles identified by a study from, a car research and shopping website.

And if that doesn’t convince you that value is foremost on shoppers’ minds, how about this: The second- and third-most-popular posts on the SC blog involved “the best used cars to buy right now” and “vehicles that hold value best over five years.”

Here are the blog posts, followed by the year they were published:

SC blog posts

Longest-lasting vehicles for 2019: 8 SUVs, 5 American made – (2019)

These are among the best used cars to buy right now, U.S. News rankings show (2019)

25 vehicles that hold value best over five years – (2018)

Most-popular SUVs, trucks, cars in America right now (2019)

Who makes the most reliable cars – Consumer Reports (2018)

The 14 best cars for short people, mainstream and luxury (2018)

‘Best Buys’ for 2019, plus where to find top used vehicles (2019)

Best used cars to buy this year offer affordable options (2019)

7 ways to keep your vehicle financing on the right track (2019)

Most crossovers still climbing the mountain to 200,000 (2018)

RoadLoans blog posts

Longest-lasting vehicles: SUVs are way ahead (2019)

When is spring break? Dates, destinations and details to help plan your trip (2019)

How to calculate the gas cost of a trip (2018)

How car repossession works (2019)

What is a lien on a car? (2019)

Pros and cons of ‘buy here, pay here’ dealerships (2018)

How to lower APR on a car loan (2018)

How many years can you finance a new or used car? (2019)

What is a car title? (2019)

What is refinancing a car? (2017)

Now you’re ready to meet the new year with the most-popular content we have to offer.

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