Most crossovers still climbing the mountain to 200,000 miles

Crossovers like the Toyota RAV 4 and Nissan Rogue rule new-vehicle sales.

In fact, there’s a very good chance you know someone who just purchased a crossover vehicle, which is not quite a car, not quite a true sport utility vehicle.

And it’s a virtual certainty you know someone who drives a crossover – new or used.

But, if you read our previous blog post, SUVs dominate iSeeCars list of longest-lasting vehicles, you may have noticed one big hole in the results, through which you could drive, well, a full-size SUV.

Acura’s MDX is one of the longest-lasting crossovers, reports

No pre-owned crossovers were listed among the vehicles most likely to travel 200,000 miles or more.

But that may not tell the whole story of the vehicles that seem to have taken over the roadways in recent years and have become the best-selling vehicle segment.

In part, because the best-selling models have been around barely long enough to reach 200,000 miles based on an average of 12,000 miles per year. The Nissan Rogue, for example, debuted in 2007, while three others – Toyota Highlander, Acura MDX and Ford Escape – first hit the road in 2001.

While none of the three top crossovers would have made the top 10 longest-lasting vehicles, according to research, that doesn’t mean they are not durable enough to last many years or surpass 200,000 miles – or even 300,000 miles – before they are parked for good.

Three of the longest-lasting crossovers identified by equaled or bettered the 1.2 percent average of all vehicles that were sold on the website in 2017:

  1. Acura MDX with 1.3 percent over 200,000 miles
  2. Toyota Highlander, 1.2 percent
  3. Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1.2 percent

And while they wouldn’t have made the top 10, they were equal to or better than four cars (Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Impala, Toyota Prius and Nissan Maxima), two trucks (Nissan Titan and Chevrolet Colorado) and two minivans (Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica).

Viewed another way, here’s a list compiled from vehicles recently for sale on

  1. Honda CR-V

11,704 total

198 with more than 200,000 miles

1.7 percent over 200,000 miles

Highest mileage – 521,007

Oldest – 1997*

  1. Toyota Highlander

7,014 total

105 with over 200,000 miles

1.5 percent over 200,000 miles

Highest mileage – 352,882

Oldest – 2001*

  1. Acura MDX

3,735 total

56 over 200,000 miles

1.5 percent over 200,000 miles

Highest mileage – 290,628

Oldest – 2001*

Overall site average

1,364,309 total

20,615 with more than 200,000 miles

1.5 percent over 200,000 miles

Highest mileage – 1.3 million (1992 Lexus SC 300)

Oldest – 1917 Buick

  1. Toyota RAV4

10,734 total

66 over 200,000 miles

0.6 percent over the benchmark

Highest mileage – 325,017

Oldest – 1996 (1994*)

  1. Ford Escape

24,008 total

135 exceeding 200,000 miles

0.56 percent over the benchmark

Highest mileage – 450,010

Oldest – 2001*

  1. Nissan Rogue

12,992 total

7 over 200,000 miles

0.55 percent over 200,000 miles

Highest mileage – 330,990

Oldest – 2007*

* First model year

At least one of each crossover model, except the MDX, had lasted more than 300,000 miles, while one Escape topped 450,000 miles and one CR-V exceeded a half-million miles.

So what can a used-vehicle shopper take from all of this?

Because crossovers generally are built on car frames, their longevity may be more like cars than like SUVs that use body-on-frame construction, “which means they are built like trucks and thus have truck-like durability,” according to Phong Ly, CEO.

In any case, Ly suggests that while crossovers may not be as easy as SUVs to maintain for the long haul, many of today’s vehicles “have the potential to reach 200,000 miles with proper care.”

An automotive data and research company, iSeeCars analyzed last year’s sales of more than 13.5 million used cars, model years 1981 through 2017 to generate it’s lists of the longest-lasting vehicles.

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