Is this the year to buy an electric vehicle?

Have you been thinking about getting into an electric car? You’re not alone.

White 2023 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle

The interest in electric vehicles seems to be growing every year and the makes and models for EVs being released is answering the demand in popularity.

At the North Texas Auto Show we attended in February, not only were multiple vehicles on display, they were also available for ride-alongs to those wanting to feel the power and luxurious interior
for themselves.

Based on the boost in all things EV, we recently conducted a survey to find out for ourselves how close those who responded are to getting into an EV in 2023. The below graphic shows the results in percentages we got back to the question, “Is this the year to buy an electric vehicle?”

Is this the year to buy an electric vehicle?

W­­e also asked the question, “If you could be a vehicle, which kind would you be?” About 7% of respondents said “electric vehicle” and the largest percentage (40%) said SUV.

Whether the majority of car shoppers are going to buy an EV this year or not, with most every major brand working on or having already released electric vehicles, the discussions around electric seem to only be increasing. So even if you aren’t buying an EV in 2023, chances are there’s one in your not-too-distant future.

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