How to buy a car now … you can get there if you start here

Shopping for a vehicle can be exciting, especially during the holiday season.

But it’s almost never easy.

There are a lot of things to consider before your purchase to ensure the vehicle – new or used – meets your day-to-day needs and doesn’t break your budget.

Man leaning against car at dusk
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You still may be trying to decide model and make; new or used; car, crossover, SUV or truck; electric or gasoline, which means you’ll need to do your homework. And that’s where our 25 articles from 2019 below may factor into your equation.

But, don’t worry, you don’t have to read them all: We’ve divided the articles into six groups, starting with “Used Vehicles” and “New Vehicles,” two of our readers’ favorite categories.

And you may find much of what you need to know among those 15 articles.

But, if you’re looking for more, we provide that, too, from quality leaders to most-popular brands to the 45 vehicles women favor according to one survey.

Used vehicles

These are among the best used cars to buy right now, U.S. News rankings show

Best bargain used cars are mostly luxury at affordable prices

Best used cars to buy this year offer affordable options

Best used-car brands based on J.D. Power dependability survey

New cars that owners keep longest before selling them

Which vehicles are most durable mostly SUVs –

Top 10 cars owners keep longest are mostly from Toyota and Honda

Longest-lasting vehicles for 2019: 8 SUVs, 5 American made –

New vehicles

Honda Clarity, Fit, Insight among 25 ‘ideal’ 2019 vehicles

These are the 23 best-quality new cars based on Power survey

Luxury car brands offering models at prices many can afford

Dynamic dozen: The best 2019 cars based on Autotrader tests

Most-popular SUVs, trucks, cars in America right now

Getting the most new-car value could be as easy as buying one of these 32

‘Best Buys’ for 2019, plus where to find top used vehicles

Quality leaders

Best SUVs, trucks, minivans power to top of quality rankings

Best car brands feature ‘quality’ leaders Genesis, Kia, Hyundai

Brand loyalty

Car brand loyalty study shows most love for these five makes

Customer loyalty: The car brands, models that have IT factor

Green vehicles

Best-performing crossovers, SUVs for ‘green’ shopper on a budget

Best-performing cars, brands for ‘green’ shopper on a budget

The 14 most-affordable EVs (electric vehicles) may convince you it’s time to buy

Other considerations

It’s no accident these vehicles are rated among the safest

What women want when purchasing a car revealed in 45 survey picks

When ‘satisfaction guarantees’ almost automatic for drivers

Of course, now is a great time to shop for a vehicle for reasons you also can read about. And now you may have a better idea of what you’re buying.

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