Holiday movies at a theater near you

Going to the movies is almost as much a part of the holiday season as road trips, family visits, turkey, presents and noisemakers. It’s what there is to do rather than hang around the house after the main event is over.

And then there is the frequently asked question before everyone piles into the car, minivan or SUV: What new holiday movies should we see?

(We were curious because data shows that movie-goers, TV lovers and entertainment and celebrity news junkies are three of the four largest affinity groups visiting the Santander Consumer USA web site.)

Around 75 movies have opened already this month or will open from now through the end of December, including the 14 on our “What to See” list of those just-released holiday movies expected to be the most buzzworthy among movie-goers, critics and/or Oscar voters.

Our holiday movies – with help from The Dallas Morning News, and – range from “The Penguins of Madagascar” animated by DreamWorks to “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1” to the epic drama “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

Several of these releases already may be on your list – but if you check ours twice, you may find more. And then there’s our bonus list of seven movies released this month that still should be in theaters.

With each movie, we provide a footnote on who is likely to be buzzing about it (see buzzworthy above).

So go and enjoy. And see what all the buzz is about.

holiday movies

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