DFW Auto Show from sparkling to edgy

New vehicles as far as the eye can see.

Gleaming cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers – and more. Mainstream and luxury models. About 700 of them from almost 40 manufacturers. It’s like a dealership showroom on steroids.

The DFW Auto Show in Dallas, which opened on Valentine’s Day, continues through the weekend.

Can’t get there? It’s alright. We’ve got you covered.

We strolled around the exhibit hall during the car show’s media day event, and took enough photos to give you an idea of what there is to see. If they peak your interest, well, there still are three days to go. And even if you miss the Dallas show, one almost certainly will be coming to a city near you.

Here are just a few of the featured vehicles, most of them all-new or redesigned 2018 models with a few 2019’s thrown in for good measure:

The 2018 Spark was front and center for Chevrolet.
The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek helps mark the automaker’s 50th year in the United States.
Toyota’s Avalon was one of the 2019 models at the show.
A gold Ranger pickup took one of the spotlight stages for Ford.
The destination of this 2019 Jeep Cherokee may be “everywhere,” but it’s in Dallas now.
The 2018 Sonata 2.0T, “our best Sonata ever,” is in the house.
Kia added some sting to its display with this fiery red, 2018 Stinger.
Kia balanced its Stinger with a 2018 Rio five-door EX.
This sleek Honda Accord appears to be in motion even standing still.
GMC’s Terrain shined brightly under the lights.
Chevrolet brought the all-new 2018 Equinox “to do everything you want.”
Even Hank the Robot (background) stopped by to see the current model year Ford F-150.
It’s hard to miss this 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

But it wouldn’t be a trip to the auto show without taking at least a peek at the luxury car area, which, in this case, includes a Skyfall Silver Aston Martin DB11.

And then there are edgy vehicles – the 2018 Slingshot three-wheel vehicle and, well, the Ford Edge:

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