Chrysler, other U.S. vehicle manufacturers favored by non-prime buyers

sub-primeThree pickup trucks and eight U.S.-produced products are among the Top 10 used-vehicle choices for non-prime buyers, says a recent report.

The three trucks, which were among the Top 5 used vehicles, were the Ram 1500 (No. 1), the Ford F-150 (No. 3) and the Chevy Silverado 1500 (No. 5). Only one of the Top 10 used vehicles – the Ram 1500 pickup – made the Top 10 new-vehicle list, the report said.

Vehicles produced by foreign manufacturers fared better among new-vehicle choices for non-prime buyers, splitting the Top 10 evenly with U.S. produced vehicles. Non-prime buyers are those with credit scores not considered among the best, or less than about 700. More than 50 percent of credit scores fall into sub-prime categories, according to Experian credit-rating service.

The survey of vehicle choices was conducted by from October 2012 to March 2013.

Other vehicles making the Top 10 list for non-prime buyers are:

Nissan Altima (No. 2), Dodge Charger (No. 4), Chevy Impala (No. 6) and Malibu (No. 7), Toyota Camry (No. 8), Chrysler 300 (No. 9) and Ford Mustang (No. 10).

“This is a consumer looking for multi-use trucks and larger, fit-the-whole-family vehicles, but seeking those relatively high-cost vehicles at the significantly lower used price point,” said Jim Landy, CarFinance president and CEO.

Chrysler and Kia products dominate the new-car list with four vehicles and three vehicles, respectively. Chrysler products are Dodge Avenger (No. 1), Chrysler 200 (No. 4), Dodge Journey (No. 5) and Ram 1500 (No. 7), and Kia’s are Forte (No. 2), Optima (No. 3) and Sorento (No. 10). Nissan is represented by two vehicles, the Sentra (No. 8) and Versa (No. 9), and Ford one, with the Focus at No. 6.

The report, based on the company’s financing data, indicates that below-prime, new-car-purchasing behavior differs from the car buying population as a whole: only one model, Dodge Ram, consistently topped both’s below-prime and overall industry top ten sales lists.

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