Here’s where to find what you need to know about Santander Consumer USA

It’s about time.

That is, it’s time to stop wondering and visit the “About” section of our website if you have questions about Santander Consumer USA (SC), the Dallas, TX-based consumer lender.

We’ll tell you most everything you need to know, whether you’re a borrower with a long-term relationship to SC or the company has just begun servicing your auto loan originated elsewhere.

And it all starts with the About section, where SC provides customers links to a company overview, fact sheet, press room, financial overview and our blog, as well as information about the company’s charitable foundation, internships, careers and customer-facing social media channels.


Why does this matter to SC customers and interested non-customers, alike?

Quite simply, the section is useful, generating about millions of page views a year, according to Google Analytics, about nine percent of visitors to the website.

Part 1 of 7-part series

Even if most of the sessions are the “Contact Us” page, we know we’re connecting with our customers.

It’s not hard to appreciate why that page generates so much traffic since it contains mailing addresses, phone numbers, business hours and other information useful to customers and others.

The Overview, meanwhile, tells the story of the small group of entrepreneurs in the auto industry, including the company’s former chairman and CEO, who started out in 1995 after leaving the dealership environment to focus on the finance side of the industry. That startup’s growth to a multi-billion-dollar enterprise and part of a global bank (Santander Group) is a classic American success story.

Of course, there’s a lot more to that story, including the company’s initial public offering in 2014.

For even more about Santander Consumer USA, visit the Investors section, which provides news, events, financial information (including quarterly and annual reports), stock information and more.

Some other About pages and brief descriptions are:


This provides a link to the SC Career Center, “People & Careers,” which provides overviews on professional, sales and operations opportunities, and includes recently posted jobs.

Charitable Foundation

The Santander Consumer USA Inc. Foundation collaborates with government and other nonprofit agencies to support initiatives in the areas of health care and wellness, education and financial literacy programs, poverty intervention initiatives, military and veterans services, and more.


Information on the successful summer internship program which just completed its fifth year with potential opportunities in more than 30 business areas.

Literally, what more could you ask?