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Some states offer and/or require lenders to participate in electronic title programs, called ELT (Electronic Lien and Title) or e-title programs. If you reside in a state that is electronic, it is possible that no paper title for your vehicle has been created. Instead, the title is held at the motor vehicle office as an electonic record and will be printed only upon request of the registered owner at time of payoff.

How does an ELT or e-title program affect you, as the registered owner of the vehicle? You will see very little impact, unless you relocate to a different state, want to change your name on the title, or need a photocopy of your title for any reason. In these cases, a paper title first must be requested from the state, which adds to the time before the title can be forwarded to the requesting party. Once the title is printed and mailed back to the lender, it then can be forwarded to another motor vehicle office for updates, or a copy forwarded to you, the registered owner.

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