How to get revved up for Halloween with ‘Hellcat,’ Toyota and VW

VW Golf carved into a pumpkin for Halloween.

What vehicle could possibly be more appropriate than a Dodge Challenger SRT “Hellcat” for Halloween?

How about a classic (1980s) Toyota pickup or a new Volkswagen Golf R?

OK, so the Toyota and VW are stretches, but they do have something in common with the Hellcat.

They have been turned into Halloween pumpkin-carving patterns by VW Parts Vortex, Olathe Toyota Parts Center and in time for you to stand out in a neighborhood full of pumpkin faces.

“Every Halloween, I get stuck carving some lame pattern into a couple pumpkins,” said Jason Lancaster, president of Spork Marketing, which provides online marketing services to the auto parts industry. “This year, I’m going to do something fun. I’m probably going to carve the Hellcat … That being said, the Golf R or classic Toyota pickup are more likely to end up in my driveway, so maybe I’ll do those instead.”

Besides offering free downloads of the pumpkin patterns for do-it-yourselfers on their respective websites, VW Parts Vortex, Olathe Toyota Parts Center and commissioned a professional carver to create three faux pumpkins with each pattern good for display year after year for “those who prefer to keep their hands free of pumpkin slime,” according to Spork. The websites also provide instructions on carving the intricate car and truck designs into pumpkins.

Here’s what each company had to say about its pumpkin design:

Toyota Parts Center: “Everyone else in the neighborhood is going to carve the same ole’ goofy face into their pumpkin – show them up by carving a Toyota truck into yours.” “The Hellcat has been the talk of the automotive industry … and now your pumpkin can be the talk of the neighborhood – instead of conforming to the same ole boring pumpkin face.”

VW Parts Vortex: “While everyone on the block is carving faces into their pumpkins, you can show your creative side and your love for Volkswagen with this awesome cutout.”

For more details on entering to win one of the faux pumpkins, visit the Facebook pages of VW Parts Vortex, Toyota Parts Center and WeRMopar before Oct. 22.

Otherwise, let the carving begin.

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