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2020 Ford Escape car wars

‘Car wars’ over so look for more new crossover, SUV models

It wasn’t too long ago – about five years – that more car models were available to new-vehicle shoppers than crossover/SUVs. But the car wars are over and, apparently, crossover/SUVs have won. Two years from now, new-vehicle shoppers will have…

Kia Niro green crossover

Best-performing crossovers, SUVs for ‘green’ shopper on a budget

SUVs and crossovers are on a roll. Consumers have been buying a lot more of them than traditional cars. So, Automotive Science Group (ASG) rated the best-performing crossovers and SUVs in its 2019 awards recognizing “ecologically sustainable, socially equitable and…

Mitsubishi Mirage green car

Best-performing cars, brands for ‘green’ shopper on a budget

The best-performing cars aren’t just those that accelerate quickly from 0 to 60 mph. But whether they also are “ecologically sustainable, socially equitable and economically viable,” according to Automotive Science Group (ASG) in its 2019 performance ratings report. ASG, which…